The Friendly Bus is built on the Ford F-450 front wheel drive platform. The Ford F450 Lo-Floor™ Chassis-Cab is designed and produced by Dallas Smith Corp. "The Friendly Bus" body is produced by Supreme Corporations Startrans bus division.

This vehicle features the benefits of lo-floor™ technology on a purpose built chassis platform. It has a step-in floor height of only 8 inches, meaning Equal Access with no wheelchair lifts required. Available in shuttle and paratransit versions, the new Friendly Bus provides long lasting durability in an industry unique Lo-Floor™ design. Access from curb to bus for non-ambulatory passengers is via fully mechanical wheelchair ramp. (Optional manual ramp available)

Seating and floor plan layout is customizable to the individual needs of each fleet. For maximum seating nine passenger seats plus two wheelchair positions are available for the paratransit bus. Up to 15 forward facing seats are available for the shuttle model.

The Friendly Bus is ADA Compliant and has been 10 year/350,000 mile ALTOONA tested.

The vehicle has been completely grounds up tested to ensure major components such as brakes, axles and drive train performed or exceeded industry standards.

The Friendly Bus is both FMVSS and CMVSS certified.

By eliminating wheel chair lifts, rider trip cycle times are reduced, drivers are subjected to less strenuous activities and decreased "out of seat" time and passengers receive a more dignified and relaxed ride experience.

Lifts are not required with the Axleless® Lo-Floor™ Friendly Bus.

  • Floor step-in and step-out height as low as 8" - even lower to 5" with the "kneeling" feature;
  • Up to 35% more cargo space; and
  • Full-time front wheel drive.


The Friendly Bus parked curb-side.

Toll Free: 1 866-569-8059